AAC Blocks vs Red Bricks

How are AAC Blocks different from Red bricks?
The world is growing at such a fast pace that it is difficult to keep track with the advancements happening around us. There are always new and better things waiting to replace the old and outdated things, and this is the case in almost every sector, let’s take for example – construction and real estate. Earlier, the only method of building houses or constructing tall buildings was by using the traditional red bricks and no doubt, they did a great job!
But this is the time when there is something new, better and cheap right at our doorstep, we just haven’t figured it out yet. At times, we know there are better things in line that can improve our lives for good but because we are so used to our routine, we ignore to accept the change.
In this case, AAC blocks are the answer – the new and better alternative to the traditional red bricks!
Let’s see how.

AAC blocks are 70% lighter than red bricks which make them easy to be carried around. And structurally, they are a lot bigger than bricks which prove the fact, less is more! The typical dimension of an AAC Block is 625 x 250 x 100-300 mm while that of a red brick is 230x115x75mm.

Strength of the building is the main aspect when it comes to construction and a building made of AAC blocks is way more strong and sturdy when compared to red bricks. To add on, AAC blocks can also resist fire! How cool is that? Or should we say hot?! (Irony)

AAC Blocks can save upto 32% of energy consumption as they are poor conductors of thermal electricity. In lay man’s terms – this will let the house remain cool in summers and hot in winters!

AAC Blocks are lighter than red bricks hence; they are easy to be transported from one place to another. At the same time, they are a lot cheaper than Red bricks and prove out to be highly cost effective.

We should try out the better alternative and walk hand in hand with the new advancements happening around us, which not only help us attain a better perspective but also improve our lives for good. AAC Blocks are the future and the above mentioned points make it very easy for one to choose between the old and outdated or the new and efficient!